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Step 1: Place a small sample of the substance you want to test onto a glass or white ceramic plate. You only need a very small sample for the test to work. Use a sample about the size of this star * ←


CAUTION! The testing liquid is highly acidic and is dangerous! If you get any of it on yourself wash it off IMMEDIATELY!

Step 2: Drop 1-3 drops of the testing liquid onto the substance. BE CAREFUL! Do not contaminate your testing liquid by touching the bottle to your substance!

Step 3: Secure the lid back onto the bottle to avoid spillage.

Step 4: Observe the color change. Some reactions are immediate while others can take as long as 30 minutes. Compare the sample color to the color chart provided.

We have personally created this video detailing how to use one of our Reagent Drug Test Kits. We hope this helps you understand how to use our product correctly and accurately, letting you stay safe! If the result doesn't match up to what you expected, your sample might not be what you thought it was. Remember to stay away from fake drugs.

If you any problems, questions, concerns, or comments please don't hesitate to message us! This includes ANY test results that you have questions about. We sincerely will be happy to help!

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