LSD, NBOMe, & Ehrlich

TN Scientific Ehrlich Reagent Drug Test with Color Chart Test Narcotics

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD, was discovered in 1938. It was in April of 1943 that it was first taken and experienced by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann.

Just like with every other drug, it's always essential to test before you ingest! Use TN Scientific's Ehrlich Reagent Drug Test Kit to make sure your LSD is what you think it is.

Ehrlich Reagent is a very straight-forward test and will only react to certain substances. If your test does not turn people within the timeframe, it's not what you think it is! Read on to get a better understanding of LSD, NBOMe, and Ehrlich and how they all relate.

Blotters & Doses

TN Scientific Test Narcotics blotter paper white LSD drugs

By taking a small piece of paper, and putting an average dose of LSD onto it, you create what is known as a blotter. By placing this blotter on your tongue, the LSD begins to absorb and take effect.

An average dose of LSD dose is about 100-200 mcg. Almost too small to even see, this dose is still remarkably powerful, and enough for a full trip.

Since the amount is so little, it makes it extremely difficult to measure. A single blotter usually contains one dose, however, it may contain more.

Effects AKA Trips

LSD will cause trips that can last up to eight hours. These trips usually happen within four phases.


Thirty minutes after you take your first dose, the effects will begin. Colors will sharpen, objects sometimes begin to have trails, and flat surfaces may begin to appear to breathe.


Once you are through the second-hour mark, the effects will become more intense. For some, visions may begin to appear around this time.

TN Scientific Test Narcotics acid LSD trip effects POV point of view visual effects hallucinogenic psychedelic


It's at this point that time slows down. The user may feel otherworldly during this time. For some, this can be a profound and enchanting experience. For others, this can be anxiety-inducing and terrifying.

The Comedown

The effects will begin to subside after five to six hours. After eight hours, your trip will be mostly over. Some residual effects may continue to linger for a little while after.

Harm Reduction

For some, the effects of LSD can be terrifying and anxiety-inducing. Rarely, some have reported getting flashbacks of their psychological trauma for days, weeks, and even years. Always be aware of the risk involved when taking a psychedelic.

The set and setting in which you do LSD are very important.

Your mindset, or set, is crucial. Your moods, thoughts, and emotions can help decide if a trip is good or bad.

Beginning a trip while having negative thoughts can result in a bad trip for some users.

TN Scientific Test Narcotics liquid LSD in bottle labeled in hand holding it

Your setting is your physical space and social environment. Your space should be comforting to you, although the definition of comfort will vary from person to person.

Quiet, relaxing spaces are great for someone who is beginning to have a bad trip. Find an area such as this and try to reassure them. Find someone they are close to, a friend or partner, and have them sit with them until the anxiety fades.

There is always a chance of a bad trip occurring for anyone, even if you have done LSD before. Always be aware of the effects to help reduce harm.

Testing Your LSD