Experiences You Don't Want To Have

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You gotta respect what these 3 are doing by helping to keep us partiers safe. I only wish I had access to these test kits during my serious partying days.

I've had a few close calls with substances that had been adulterated.

I once snorted Meth that I presumed to be Cocaine. Whoops! That wasn't fun.

I once ate a pressed pill.... ok two of them.... at All Good Music Festival in 2007 that ended up having copious amounts of Heroin in it. It was a horrible experience, I was vomiting for hours and pouring cold water all over my naked body as my friends watched on in horror, hesitant to go to the first aid tent I kept hydrated and waited it out. Whoops!

By far the worst experience was in 2012 when I ate two pressed pills that had 2C-I in it. HATE that stuff. Ended up being a very heavy dose. At hour 7 I was still peaking and beginning to worry. That trip lasted for 17 hours and put a bad taste in my mouth.

Now that I have these reagent drug test kits from TN Scientific, I no longer have to worry about what I might be putting in my body. My kit arrived today, it was missing the test vial, but customer service was swift in aiding me and hooked me up with another test kit, a few vials, and a nice test tray too.

Seriously, do yourselves a favor and know EXACTLY what you are about to put into your body. If anything, it removes any and all anxiety you would normally have on those come ups where you hope the drug will work the way you hoped it would. Thank you all!

| TN Scientific's Reagent Drug Test Kits are here just for this! Make sure to always know what you're taking. Buy a single reagent, or buy a bundle at a discounted price to get a more thorough test. Life is priceless, so test before you ingest! |

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